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Solutions for application of single-component adhesives and sealants

Pumps, valves and 1K metering systems

DOPAG single-component systems convey media such as adhesives, sealants, greases and oils with high precision from their original containers to the point of application, where the material is applied to the workpiece either in shot form or continuously in bead form. The systems are fitted with gear, piston or eccentric screw pumps, depending on requirements. 

Whether it’s individual components or a ready-to-use metering system, DOPAG offers an optimal and cost-efficient solution for every requirement. For example, our high-quality components, such as our pumps and valves, can be integrated individually into existing production lines or system concepts. This also includes our innovative metering pumps, such as our gear, piston and eccentric screw pumps. DOPAG also provides complete metering systems tailored to the specific requirements of your production processes. If the process requires it, we can provide additional automation units. Project planning, coordination and construction of the systems are carried out in-house, always in close consultation with customers and partners. In our technical centre, we test system concepts as well as the latest technologies and materials on site.

Your advantages:

  • High precision
  • Reproducibility
  • Process stability
  • Customisation to your individual needs
  • Robust product quality
  • Service and maintenance friendly

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Dojoon (Jay) Kim General Manager
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Conveying and Pumping

Metering and application

Monitoring and control

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