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Dispensing systems for greasing, bonding, potting and gasketing live

For the processing of lubricants, adhesives, sealants, gasketing and potting materials, DOPAG offers metering and mixing systems which are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of the application. In all applications it is necessary to adjust the process to the specific needs. Our application cases and videos show possible solutions. Learn more about the dispensing technology we have already implemented for our customers!

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Dojoon (Jay) Kim General Manager
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  1. Honeycomb potting of sandwich panels

    With the dispensing system coredis, the honeycomb core of sandwich panels, which are used for the interior of aircrafts, could be filled homogeneously.

  2. 트럭 생산시 실런트 수동 계량
    DOPAG는 트럭 제조업체를 위해 엔진 하우징에 1액형 실런트를 수동으로 도포할 수 있는 맞춤형 계량 시스템을 설계하였습니다.
  3. 발포 개스킷 도포시 구성 요소의 효율적인 핸들링

    DOPAG는 스위치 캐비닛 도어에서 발포 개스킷을 자동 도포하기 위해 다이내믹 믹싱 헤드에 선형 로봇과 셔틀 슬라이딩 테이블을 장착했습니다.

  4. 가구 제작용 그리스 스프레이 밸브

    DOPAG는 가구 제작업체를 위해 윤활제를 자동 도포할 수 있는 유연하고 신뢰할 수 있는 솔루션을 제공합니다. 자세히 보기!

  5. Profitable production of components for control cabinets and enclosures
    With the dynamicLine from DOPAG, customers will be able to implement gasketing and bonding applications with just one system.
  6. 그리스 및 오일의 스프레이 도포를 위한 밸브
    그리스 및 오일의 스프레이 도포를 위한 밸브. 도달하기 어려운 영역에서 윤활제의 비접촉식 응용.
  7. Metering systems for optimal lubricant dispensing

    The requirements for the type of lubricant dispensing vary and always depend on the application being carried out. Learn here more about the four key factors for successful system design!

  8. Automated production of foam gaskets

    With dynamicLine, the metering technology manufacturer DOPAG presents a new dynamic mixing system for a wide range of applications.

  9. Lubrication in the automotive industry

    Individual grease and adhesive dispensing systems from DOPAG guarantee highest quality electric parking brakes.

  10. Accurate dosing of grease and oil

    DOPAG developed a special dosing system for the automated lubrication of gas springs.

  11. Individual systems for automated glue dispensing
    The household appliance manufacturer Amica uses an invidual glue dosing system from DOPAG for the production of oven doors.
  12. Automated grease metering
    DOPAG presents a production cell, that could be used for greasing and oiling applications. Disocver also valves for contactless material application.
  13. Turnkey systems for automated metering and mixing
    CTO Daniel Geier talks in the interview about challenges in automated dispensing technology.
  14. Automated systems for electronic potting
    DOPAG provides automated potting solutions for variuos applications - two practical examples!
  15. Dosing systems for liquid 3D printing
    The eldomix dispensing system fills material reservoirs of 3D printers with liquid printing technology.
  16. Individual grease dispensing
    DOPAG has developed two special lubricant application systems for the production of ball screws in automotive industry.
  17. Perfect FIPFG applications
    The control cabinet manufacturer Fandis applies foam gaskets on various components. DOPAG has designed a FIPFG system for this application.
  18. Shot valve for contactless greasing
    DOPAG presents the shot valve in a new video: It is perfectly suited for contactless material application in highly automated processes.
  19. Automated application of PU gaskets on components
    Compared to manually inserted seals, automatically applied PU gaskets offer many advantages.
  20. Dispensing thermal gap fillers
    Using thermal gap fillers leads to more advanced metering technology requirements - learn more about the solutions from DOPAG.
  21. Continuous dosing of lubricants, adhesives and sealants
    The membrane dispensing valve ensures a clean application and a high reliability in automated dosing processes.